Pasta Co

The full restaurant experience without leaving your home. A restaurant where the needs of you and your guests come first.   

Gone are the days of tiny portions on huge plates. We make private dining accessible to everyone. The fine food without the hefty price tag.


We bring everything! The amazing food, the fine wine, the impeccable service. 

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The new kind of restaurant. 

Indulge your way through 6 carefully crafted dishes; guaranteed to satisfy your pasta cravings.  Classic Italian dishes reimagined using modern techniques. Perfect food for real foodies who want to experience something new & exciting. 

We bring you this exciting new concept in partnership with Use Space. A collaboration between creatives. Stunning food & wine, served in a truly stunning venue. 

To reserve a place at one of our meals all you have to do is pay a small deposit of £20 per person in the form of a ticket. Once you’ve got your ticket, we will contact you to arrange a time slot.