Our Story

OUR Story

It all started when the world stopped. 

As a young chef, Laurie first pursued his passion for exceptional tasting food, along with beautiful presentation, in the Michelin starred restaurants of Central London. After many years of training under top chefs, he decided it was time to fly the nest.

This was his chance to take the skills he had learned and cook the food he wanted to. His journey began when he moved to his family home town of Manchester and started his first business as a private chef. 

Laurie specialised in tasting menus, using local seasonal ingredients to make a range of exciting culinary creations. He provided fine dining in people’s home and hosted a number of pop ups in secret locations.   

With many happy guests, the word was starting to spread. Things couldn’t have been better until the pandemic hit; bringing everything to a sudden holt.  

In April 2020, Laurie began making fresh pasta in his Didsbury home. He didn’t want to stop doing what he loved, so he found the answer in his love for handmade fresh pasta. He started delivering artisan meal kits across the city.  

Manchester Pasta Co was born…